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    Due to the beginning of the research year 2014, for Indonesian readers, the institute has published online the Indonesian Outlook 2014.


    At the end of research year 2012, the institute has published and distributed limited numbers of a short “Indonesian Outlook 2013”.


    The president of the institute received an award from the ministry of law and human rights of the Republic of Indonesia for the intellectual property of software emerged from the research "Physics of Batik" in Jakarta, November 18th, 2013.


    The news magazine, TEMPO, highlights Hokky Situngkir, the researcher and the current president of the institute, as one of ten inventors in Indonesia 2012 in the edition of the magazine August 19th 2012.



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You are visiting the official site of Bandung Fe Institute, research institute on social complexity in Indonesia.


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Bandung Fe Institute © 2016

Indonesia is a kind of nation to be absent in the evolution of sciences, especially social sciences. But Indonesia is still a place where human being interacts each other with abilities to analyze themselves..

The classical sociological analysis is often used as tool to analyze social problems in Indonesia, a contrast to the understanding that see social system as local and unique through places to places - social sciences shall be spatio-temporal in the birth of analysis.

By realizing this, we use the approach of complexity sciences to view the social system in Indonesia, the unique interacting people, the specific social system management, sustainable developments, the community developments, in natural resources site like mining site, factories, industries including home industries, rural people, stock market, system of general elections, etc. We give the whole sociological suggestions quantitatively and qualitatively as tight as possible, as wide as possible.



BFI is now in Facebook and Twitter

Bandung Fe Institute © 2016

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for faster information! The institute has joined the growing social media and social networking in the internet and expect to reach you faster than ever before related to newest research works and events. Join us and interact with us!

An Indonesian Book on the PHYSICS of BATIK is now available

Bandung Fe Institute © 2016

Batik is one of Indonesian valuable traditional heritage holding great deal of wisdom which is rooted substantially in its ornamentation and harmonization, from its making process to the way people appreciate it. It has been embedded and an unseparable fabric in the social and cultural living of the people in Indonesia Archipelago. While Batik is highly related to the traditional elements, physics is science mostly associated to mathematical formulation and modern technology. Both seem to be unrelated one another. Yet, researchers in the institute has shown that physics can also be utlized to reveal the unseen beauty of the traditional fabric. Even further, from the research developed, it becomes possible to create new designs by incorporating computational applications.

This is the main issue brought by the book written by BFI researchers supervised by physicist, Yohanes Surya. The book is written and published in Indonesian with popular science style. The book is begun with an interface between batik and science philosophically written by the Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X (Ngayogyakarta Royal Highness), as the cultural leader of Javanese modern Mataram in Jogjakarta, in which batik mostly is closely attached to. The book is now available in Gramedia Book Store throughout Indonesia for Indonesian readers.

New Book on Indonesian Complexity is now available!

Bandung Fe Institute © 2016

The book entitled "SOLUSI UNTUK INDONESIA" is a book for Indonesian readers presenting a perspective on complexity while observing and comprehending Indonesia. The book compiles research conjectures while proposing a new perspective for Indonesians while sees their own country in a great expectation gives an enrichment for the development of social sciences for the betterment of the country and the whole humanity. The book is now available in your local (Indonesian) book stores, or you might want to contact the publisher to have one (c.p.Yohanis: +62 21 70227545 for rapid service) or just contact us.

social Complexity Disc (sCD)

Bandung Fe Institute © 2016

Dept.Computational Sociology BFI has prepared a simple tool that would help public in general defining, hypothesizing, and learning social phenomena in the sense of social complexity: the social Complexity Disc (sCD) . The sCD is designed to see problems and social phenomena in the spectacles of complexity sciences. Thus using the sCD will help you to learn social life and prepare for the solution could be yielded when sciences are implemented and used. The sCD manual can be obtained in English (click here) and Indonesian (click here). For more information to obtain the sCD , please contact us.

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